Have you ever been frustrated that the whole Unicode repertoire is there, but you don't have any convenient way to use it? How much time did you waste searching for the right character, digging through large tables or searching the web? Do you use a Unicode ‘palette’ you copy characters from? Or you just gave up and write everything in words, where attaching a non-plaintext is inappropriate? No more!

uniqoda allows you to enter any Unicode character with just a few keystrokes, without taking your hands off the keyboard. The search is done by name, so you don't need to remember any hex-values.

Supported OS: Windows 7 and later.

Download Download uniqoda v5 (2016-08-24).

How does it work?

  1. Press Alt + Ins to open uniqoda.
  2. Type the name of the character you want.
    screen shot 00
  3. Use ↑ and ↓ keys to select the desired character:
    screen shot 01
    Or refine your query to make it a better match:
    screen shot 02
  4. Press Enter to copy the character to the clipboard and close uniqoda. You can paste it now wherever you want.


uniqoda utilizes a fuzzy search technique. In particular, that means that typing something like ‘dlta grek’ matches ‘GREEK SMALL LETTER DELTA’. Frequently used characters appear higher in the results.

screen shot 03

uniqoda can display all the unicode repertoire in sequential order. To do so enter a hexadecimal codepoint or paste a single character into the search field. uniqoda will list all of the unicode code-space and jump to the entered character.

screen shot 04

When just open, uniqoda displays the list of most recently used characters.

Right click on a codepoint opens a context menu with extra options. It includes:

screen shot 05

The following hotkeys are available:


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Donations are really appriciated! — Yakov Galka

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